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3 Foundational Strengths for 2021

How do you set goals, make projections, and stick to them at a time when the world continues to change in unpredictable ways?

This past year, we’ve seen customers purchase, support, and stay loyal to companies that authentically—and holistically—met their needs during the pandemic. In order for brands to sustain or even flourish in the year ahead we recommend focusing on three foundational areas.

Regardless of your type of marketing plan, advertising campaign, public relations pitch, or budget, these three areas are relevant to you, your customers, and your company.

1. Trusting Relationships

Trust and brand loyalty are more intertwined than ever before. Brands need to ensure that the messages they convey are truthful and transparent. What does this look like?

  • Re-enforce brand value and messaging to customers.
  • Be honest with employees about job security.
  • Provide exceptional customer service and be open about your flaws publicly.
  • Be flexible with employees and customer needs.
  • Set expectations about inventory, availability, or other operational changes.

2. The Human Experience

It’s time to break out of an efficiency-first mindset and focus on the real needs of your customers and employees. Employ greater empathy and understanding. What does this look like?

  • If working from home is still necessary, focus on employee engagement and motivation.
  • Leverage digital events and virtual attendee engagement. This is an area rich with opportunity because it still needs further innovation.
  • Be supportive of community charitable causes and be willing to donate.
  • Dedicate more time and resources to social media as usage continues to increase. Why?
    • This is how people stay up to date on new products and services.
    • To connect with the community.
    • For humor, education or inspiration.
  • Continue shopping from home: make sure your Google and SEO are current.

3. Agility

The ability to think, understand, and move quickly. Use this time to innovate and create new processes, procedures, products, or experiences that work in this new reality. What does this look like?

  • Respond publicly to current events and offer custom solutions.
  • Produce compelling photos and videos that are relevant, and entertaining.
  • Partner with brands and companies that share your values and provide benefits to customers.

This year, we hope that things will be different, but it’s likely that some things wont change for some time.  Let’s try and prepare the best way we can through embracing a more human approach in marketing for 2021.

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