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How to Build More Clients this Year

Okay so I know we can all admit that last year was a lot right?! However I know so many people who still made money and were able to do so in unique ways (including myself). I started my Marketing Agency and Marketing Coaching business only just 2 years ago. It was going well with lots of new interest and opportunities from the community…and then Covid hit…..and I had to re-strategize to more accurately address the needs of the business owners who were in the same boat as me and trying to figure out how to make things work. Girl, I was lost….or at-least that’s what I thought. 

After 30 days of lots of virtual Client meetings, and employee discussions, we chose to refocus our attention on not only providing marketing services that entrepreneurs needed, but also giving them resources and opportunities to improve. And you know what? It worked. Below is how I secured some of my new clients and how you can book more clients in 2021. 

Know Your Target Audience: In order to effectively achieve all the other steps listed below, you first must know who your target audience is. You can’t effectively make good content for your audience if you don’t know who you’re trying to attract. I knew I wanted to target aspiring agency owners who wanted to take their business to the next level through digital marketing. So I figured out their pain points, made sure my content was visually attractive, became the face of my brand so that I was relatable to other women/entrepreneurs etc. I also made sure that I focused my time and energy on platforms that my target audience frequented often like Facebook and Instagram. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Share Your Story: Believe it or not people were built for real, true relationships, so when you showcase your authentic self it creates a connection, which in turn helps build trust. One of the most effective ways to get consumers to buy a product or service is to interact and respond in a trustworthy manner. People want to know your story. They want to hear how you got to where you are today. Don’t be afraid to share in person, on your website, and on social. Make sure that you introduce yourself, tell how you got to where you are currently, challenges you face, your mission and why you do what you do. 

Showcase Testimonials: One thing I always try to do is incorporate reviews and past projects into the posts that I share. I want others to know that I am helping people just like them achieve their goals. This is how I build trust with a lot of my clients because although I may give myself 5 stars it makes more of a difference when you can have others who will co-sign for you and your work as well. 

Run some ads: One of the best investments you will make as an entrepreneur is continuing to invest in your business. You don’t want to just rely on word of mouth but you want to make sure that you are getting out there and putting yourself in front of the right audience. Run an ad on Facebook that relates to your target audience, is appealing, shows results, gives value, reveals pain points of your audience and focuses on how your product/service can solve those pain points. I would recommend using the Facebook Business Manager Suite (you can run Instagram via this suite as well)  so that you can give detailed guidance on what your goal is by running the ad. 

Network: There are all sorts of ways that you can network….even in a pandemic. Getting connected with Facebook groups are great, Virtual conferences, Collaborating with other business owners and Clubhouse are all great options when it comes to networking and putting yourself out there so that others can discover more about you and your brand.

Use The Right Hashtags: After launching my business I started to use hashtags like #entrepreneur, #websitedesigner, #socialmediamanager #womaninbusiness and I actually had clients say they found me from hashtags that they were following. Make sure that you are using hashtags that relate to your brand, and more importantly, don’t overdo it. There is nothing more irritating to people online than seeing 55+ hashtags on one post. 

As a business owner and sole entrepreneur, I know how difficult it can be to get started in the right direction to secure the right clients at the right time. If you’re looking for additional resources, I recommend joining our Influential Entrepreneur Community on Facebook or signing up to join our Social Selling Society.

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