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How to Move Forward When Days Get Hard

I’ve had a few rough days this past year. Ok, a lot. Do you ever feel like you just stay taking L’s?  Days where you feel the heat of the work on your shoulders? Days where you can’t seem to make ends meet? Days where you fail over and over again?

It’s testing. It can strip you of your identity pretty quickly. 

In response to my pain and frustration, I often lash out at people, cut people out of my life, spend money recklessly….you name it…..This past year I did all of the things I could in an attempt to fill a void within myself.  

I know well what it’s like to fight to keep moving forward. This new year, I had to learn a new version of myself. I had to fight to not only keep her going, but sustain her in a healthy and fruitful way. 

We all can get in our heads and doubt ourselves, right? I have days that I question what I am doing and where the direction of my life is taking me. Days I fear the unknown. Days I feel unattractive and discarded. Days I feel unworthy. Days I feel like an impostor. 

When I feel this way, I have to remind myself that my thoughts dictate my feelings. Not the other way around. I am completely in control of my response and attitude. 

When days get hard, I’ve learned to take a moment to pause and tell myself that I have to be mentally strong, disciplined, and stay faithful to God that He will bring me out of this stronger and better than before. 

Situations are neutral. Circumstances are neutral. It’s how you interpret the situation or circumstance that makes all the difference. I have to coach myself to not spiral down the rabbit hole of doubt.  

There is so much power in your words and your thoughts. You can use your words, thoughts, behaviors, and habits to positively shape your life or you can use them to destroy it.

We NEED to consciously change our thinking to “I am going to do what I can to reach my goals because this is not just happening to me, this is happening for me”. 

Even when you don’t see improvement, you have to know that each day is compounding and getting me closer to your goals. Small things add up over time to create big results. 

We don’t know what the future will bring and we don’t know all the circumstances that will surround it. However, we are capable of aiming and planning for a better and brighter tomorrow, all while having the right perspective. 

I often write out the goals that I have for myself as if I already have achieved them. Every single day. 

When I have days where I’m anxious, my confidence is shaken, or I feel bad about myself, I allow myself to feel it, but only for a moment. I then remind myself of who I was made to be and what my options are. There are ALWAYS options, even when it doesn’t feel that way. 

I keep post-its around me with positive affirmations to remind me that I am made to do great things. I am made to get through the hard times. I must stay grateful for what I have now on my journey to get what I ultimately desire. 

The journey of your life doesn’t always feel good, but it can be shaped by the right perspective. It can be moved forward. 

I find inspiration daily from women just like you that are reading this blog and working alongside me in entrepreneurship. I have a passion for helping women grow and empowering them. Just having this platform to reach other like-minded women and build a fellowship helps me to create a life I love. 

There is hope for you the same way there is hope for me. It all depends on ensuring you have the right attitude. 

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